Poshmark – My Wife’s New Addiction
I won't lie, I LOVE to shop!  There's nothing better than going out on a Saturday afternoon, just me and my wife, and doing some shopping!  Well, my wife found a new website, that would compare to a consignment store, where you can get great deals on name brand clothes at highly …
Why are Colleges Snatching Up XXX Web Addresses?
The new .xxx web domain addresses isn’t just making it even easier for people to find smut on the Internet, it’s also freaking out colleges. So much so, they are buying up all the pornified variations of their names in an attempt to protect their brand.
Top 10 Posts Of 2011 On 96.9 KISS-FM
We have a ton of contributors to the 96.9 KISS-FM website. From behind the scenes, to right in front, the team is continuously working to bring the best of the web to your monitor. Let's have a look back at 2011 and check out the top posts of the year. ...