We have a ton of contributors to the 96.9 KISS-FM website. From behind the scenes, to right in front, the team is continuously working to bring the best of the web to your monitor. Let's have a look back at 2011 and check out the top posts of the year.

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    Grade School Teacher (From Amarillo) Gets Charged With Sexual Assault For Having Sex With A Minor

    Starting off the list, from Tommy the Hacker, it's a story that hits close to home. Mainly because it happened right here in Amarillo! What's crazy is, this teacher, whom is from Amarillo, had sex with a 15 year old boy and, well she's kinda hot! Why are hot teachers having sex with kids and why didn't this happen when I was in school! Moving on, when Tommy and I were talking about the story, the 15 year old boy she slept with said they had sex for 10 minutes. That made me LOL my FAO! Wow I don't miss being young, dumb and way to excitable.

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    Tommy The Hacker Sex Tape Video Release

    This was a funny one! Tommy the Hacker has a sex tape, and we released the video! It's a rule we must all learn in this day in age with the internet being a good source to spread your personal stuff. From sex tapes to kinky photos to just something you said. The internet will find it and show it to the world! The message behind this is that you have to remember, forever for everyone! What you put on the internet is there forever and for everyone to see!

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    Rumor Says Casey Anthony Adopts A Baby From Romania

    This will put you in the "punch someone in the neck" frame of mind for a Friday! I mean, I know children in 3rd world countries don't exactly have it great, but they don't deserve being adopted by a killer! Yeah I said it! Casey Anthony is a MURDERER! Imagine being a child that doesn't really have any food or clothing, then some American comes in to adopt you, save you almost. Then your being drowned by the crazy psychopathic adopted parent. Not cool dude! If Dexter were an actual person, I think he would be hunting Casey Anthony down and introducing her to his dark passenger.

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    Tori Spelling Puts Topless Pictures On Twitter

    To me the funniest thing about this blog, is the amount of time viewers spent looking at it. Most blogs average 3-5 minutes of a person looking at them, skimming over them and getting the gist of the story and moving on. This blog had an average time of 8-10 minutes! Why? The only reasoning I can come up with is that people are perverts. So much time was spent looking at this blog because they weren't actually looking at the blog, they had Tori Spelling's boobs on their computer screens and were doing dirty things. Either that or I am just sick in the head.

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    Highland Park High School At Risk Of Losing Pep-rally & Banned From KISS FM Studio By School Officials

    Another great blog from Tommy the Hacker here! The best part about this blog is it is completely true! This actually happened! We were doing "High School Take Over" on Thursday nights. What Tommy would do is on Tuesday's, he would call out a high school in the area and give cheerleaders a chance to call in and accept the challenge to come take over the radio station with the rest of the squad. Well the individual who called into the radio station was to be benched! What happen to school pride or building school spirit?

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    Vanessa Hudgens Cuts Her Hair For New Movie Gimme Shelter And Looks Like A Boy With Short Hair

    This certainly brings back memories. Vanessa Hudgens, who is pretty freaking hot, cut her hair for a role in the movie Gimme Shelter. With the new hair cut, she totally looked like a boy. And I mean one of those whining, make up wearing, go ballistic and kill everybody at school types of boys. Ewwww she is creepy looking like this!

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    Behind The Lyrics With Dallas Chambers – Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks Song Meaning

    I did this behind the lyrics blog on Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks for a reason. The song just kept speaking to me and I had no idea what it was saying. So after about an hour of listening to it over and over again to really hear the lyrics I was pretty sure I figured it out, and I am still pretty sure I'm right. It's a song about teen bullying, a kid that takes a gun to school to mow down "all the other kids with the pumped up kicks". A teen that couldn't take it anymore and snapped. If you've never checked it out, I would call it a must read. BTW, pumped up kicks, Reebok pumps! Gotta be! Yeah, that's my final thought.

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    Comic Amy Schumer Nude Photo Just Another Howard Stern Radio Confession

    Amy Schumer stripped off her clothes for Cosmopolitan magazine and me being the good little blogger I am, wanted to get you a first look at it. Announced on the Howard Stern radio show and while you can't see her lady parts, you can definitely tell she is in fact totally naked. She's cute and bubbly and pretty raunchy. I've always liked my women a little on the trashy side.

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    Sara Leal, Ashton Kutchers One Night Stand Is Getting Vocal About The Night They Shared

    When this official word came in that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were going to get a divorce this one took off! Sara Leal is the girl that came forward talking about making woopy with Ashton. She gave the dirty details about the night they had making the beast with 2 backs and you'll find them in this blog. To quote Ashton, he "did good" because she's "really pretty". Yeah she's pretty, pretty slutty! Yeah she's pretty hot too. I don't blame him for cheating on his grandma.

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    Angry Ex-Boyfriend Tattoo Artist Inks A Pile Of Poop On Ex-Girlfriend’s Back For Cheating

    Coming in at the top spot, a blog I did that caught the attention of the entire world! From Alaska to Florida, Brazil to Europe, this blog got viewed by thousands and thousands of people all over the globe. To this day, it is still getting attention on a global scale. Yeah, a blog that a radio DJ from Amarillo, TX beat out top bloggers in the world! I'm not even that good at writing! But I do thank everyone for taking to time check out this blog. It's amazing to watch the numbers climb higher and higher and it makes all the blogs I've written worth it. For me, out of the hundreds upon hundreds of blogs I've written this year, to have at least 1 of them hit it like this just makes all the time spent at the key board worth it! I gotta admit, I read this again, and I freaking killed it with the 1 liners at the end!