Radio Has Gone To Pot
The first marijuana radio-station has launched and guess where? Of course Colorado! That's right. The Mile-Hi has started the first marijuana radio-station in the country. "Smokin’ 94.1" features on-air personalities named Mary Jane, Ed Blaze, Stoney Reynolds and Gary Ganja.
Activist Smokes Marijuana Live On TV [VIDEO]
An activist for legalizing marijuana stops the interview and whips out a joint to smoke during interview about legalizing marijuana in Texas. The TV host never knew till it was time to end the segment and asked the host if he had anything to say and all he replied with was a cloud of smoke blown in to the camera. I t...
Man Gives Toddler Marijuana To Smoke [VIDEO]
A disturbing video that was originally posted on Vine that was titled "Baby Smoking Weed" went viral today. In the video it shows a guy giving the toddler a hit of marijuana. I hope they catch this IDIOT because it shows him forcing this toddler to smoke it. I h...