Wow! This really breaks my heart to read this. 18 year old Ashley Billasano took her life on November 7th after tweeting 144 times about personal stuff going on with her.

Ashley had been sexually molested by members of her family and received no justice for it! She had posted 144

messages to her 500 followers on twitter explaining how she had been molested and forced into prostitution by family members.

Looking for help or maybe just someone to talk to she turned to her twitter account and 6 later she took her own life! Abuse and bullying can send people over the edge.

This was not the only time she tried to reach help. She also reached out to local authorities but that went no where, matter of fact the detectives did not believe Ashley.

Chief Craig Brady with the Fort Bend County Sheriff Department says:

"It’s obvious she needed somebody to talk to and that’s what I believe those tweets were. She was trying to communicate and trying to get people to talk to her”.

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