Charlie is not a professional child psychologist, doctor, or chef. He's just a frustrated dad that has tried everything else.

My kids are picky eaters. Very, picky eaters. I've tried everything I could find online to help with the problem.

This weekend, I think I accidentally stumbled on something that can really help.

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Fixing Two Meals Is Stupid Unless Medically Necessary.

First of all, fixing two separate meals every nights is insane. I refuse to do it anymore. It takes too much time, and it means I have extra stuff to clean up. My time is valuable too, and I don't feel like wasting it on a second meal.

Plus, my house isn't a fast food restaurant. It's a five-star where the menu is typed up daily, and that's what we're having. End of story.

Get the Kids Invested

Over this last weekend, I got the kids involved in cooking the meals. That is what made the difference.

I taught them how to measure out ingredients and spices; along with how to add them to what we were cooking. I let them help me prep.

Getting them individually invested in what we were making made it so that we didn't even have the dreaded "I don't like that" conversation. Instead, they taste tested everything and gave it their approval.

When the time came to sit down and eat, they were proud of what we made.

Let Them Get Creative in the Kitchen

One of the dishes we made was smash burgers. My kids refused to eat anything other than meat on bread. That was until I had them draw out burger blueprints. I told them they could put anything on their burger, within reason.

Bacon and french fries were popular choices.

Then we made chicken fajitas. That's something they would never have eaten. I let them help me season and cook the chicken, and they had seconds.

For breakfast, they've always refused to eat sausage. I let them help, and they put it away.

Even letting them get cooking utensils for me (that were safe for them to handle) helped.

If you have kids that are infuriatingly picky when it comes to dinner time, and you've tried everything else, try getting them involved. It worked for us.

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