Teen pregnancy is no longer a headliner. Teen pregnancy rates fall here in the Texas Panhandle, but from where I stand in the halls of Palo Duro High School thre seems to be no change.

Around the nation teen pregnancy rates are decreasing, and we are noticing a great fall here in the Potter, Randall counties. Texas is ranked fourth in the nation of teen pregnancies and teen births.

According to statistics provided from https://donportal.securespsites.com, the teen birth rates are broken down into ethnicites in Potter County where Hispanics lead,then African-American,and Caucasions. Where in Randall County - Caucasions lead ,then Hispanics,and  African-Americans and other ethnicities.

At Palo Duro High School there doesn't seem to be a specific race, it just seems they're all young and having fun. But having fun comes with a price, in fact it's a pricey little blessing.Teen pregnancy costs the US at least $9 billion  annually and Texas $1 billion annually.

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