With oil under $40 per barrel and many economic indicators less than extraordinary, not many companies are offering bonuses this Christmas. One Houston-based company is not only giving out bonuses to all of its employees, but the bonuses are six-figure bonuses.

Hilcorp Energy is one of the nation’s largest privately held energy exploration firms. Fox 26 in Houston reports that the company has had such a great year, that each of their 1,381 employees is receiving a $100,000 bonus for Christmas. That’s a grand total of $138,100,000.


    Texas Military Wife Surprised With Big Gift

    We wanted to make this holiday season a little brighter for a local military family with a member who is actively deployed. From all of the nominations on our website, we selected Theresa Kristek and her family to receive a big gift, just in time for the holidays. Theresa's husband is in the Navy and currently deployed overseas. Watch the surprise in the video below.

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