Christmas 2015

The Beverage of Choice While Enjoying the Christmas Lights
I don't know about you but my family has a tradition.  We have a tradition of bundling up grabbing a hot beverage and checking out the Christmas Lights.  There is just something about looking at all the twinkling lights and drinking hot chocolate, coffee, or cider.  So when it comes to checking out the Christmas lights, what beverage do you enjoy.
Watch Santa Live!
Christmas Eve is here and Santa is going to be very busy getting ready to make his trip around the world...Here's a few stats that you might want to know about Santa!
Christmas Tree Winners
Well we have some very talented Christmas tree decorators in the Texas Panhandle.  The votes are in and here are the winners of the Best Decorated Christmas Tree Contest.
The Salvation Army Needs Desserts for Christmas Dinner
What is Christmas without something sweet.  You cannot have Christmas dinner with out some sweet desserts to end the meal.  Everyone should get to enjoy a delicious, pie, cake, candy at the end of their Christmas Meal.   That's why the Salvation Army is asking for you help.  The Salvation Army needs desserts to serve with their Christmas meal.

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