Mcdonald's so far only trust two states with their updated sandwich from the 90's.

Back in the 90's Mcdonalds had a sandwich called the Arch Deluxe. It bombed big time. However, McDonald's thinks that people are looking for anything that makes them feel like they reliving the 90's. So they are bringing back the Arch Deluxe.

Credit: Wikipedia

The Arch Deluxe was first tested as a "Taste of the Month" Burger in 1995. McDonald's were trying out the new burger in their restaurants in Canada.

The Arch Deluxe was sold nationwide in 1996. It was marketed specifically to adults. It did not last long. It was discontinued quickly. The Arch Deluxe was one of McDonald's most expensive flops of all time.

Credit: Wikipedia

The new version uses the same potato flour bun, "Arch Sauce", cheese, pickles, and onions as the '90's Arch Deluxe...but now they are using fresh meat instead of frozen meat.

As of now, Mcdonald's is trusting only two states to try the new burger out. Oklahoma and Texas. Because we love our burgers! No word on if or when they could go nationwide.