Better call Saul instead.

A Corpus Cristi lawyer was arrested Thursday afternoon after a year-long investigation had taken place. John Perry had been accused by several women of forcing them to do sexual favors in exchange for his legal services. Local police had enough women come forward to arrest him. While arresting Perry at his home, police found illegal drugs in his possession.

Perry was charged with the second-degree felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and could serve between two and 20 years in prison. The local District Attorney believes many more women could be involved and have just not come forward yet.

“If you were a current or former client of Mr. Perry and you felt compelled in any way to enter into those types of acts where you felt compelled to provide sexual services in exchange for legal services, or were ever threatened that if you did not comply with his requests, definitely sexual, that he wouldn’t represent you in a way that you felt otherwise, please contact our office,” DA Mark Gonzalez said.

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