He is known by the police as Social Security. His awful tattoo is the reason why they call him this.

This tattoo is just a bad idea for some many reasons. One if you are going to break the law, don't have a tattoo that makes it easy for the law to find you. Also, don't have a tattoo that makes it easy for others to comment a crime against you. Like identity thrift.

40 year old, Robert Wooten is a fugitive in Austin, TX. There are three warrants for his arrest for armed robberies at local convenience stores.

The Sacramento Bee posted a picture of the mugshot. Police are hoping that the mugshot will help tip them off to his whereabouts.

The kicker of this tattoo is this. Wooten could end up getting caught and thrown in jail. While in jail some other criminal could be using his social security number to open up credit card accounts all over the place. Sure it can be hard to remember you social security number. If you need tattoo it anywhere on your body, do somewhere that your clothes cover up. You are just inviting someone to rob you blind.

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