A woman was heading to her local Walmart when she found someone in her trunk.

Spencer Cornell Brown of Nash, TX was arrested in Texarkana, Texas.

Brown's ex-girlfriend called police when she encountered outside the Walmart Neighborhood Market. She told police that she heard movement from her vehicle. She then heard Brown calling her name. He was in the trunk.

Brown's ex-girlfriend had a protective order against him.

When she parked the car, she said that brown jumped out and that she ran into the store to call 911. Brown ran off.

Some time later police saw Brown and regonized him from the police bulletin saying he violated a protective order.

When the police stop to question Brown, he said his name was Jerry. But he came clean and told the officers the truth. Police have no idea how long he was in her trunk.

He was arrested on two counts of violating a protective order and one count of failure to identify. Brown was taken into custody with bail set at $2500.

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