This homecoming tradition only seems to get bigger each year.

Most of the schools in Amarillo have had their homecoming games already, so we wanted to see some of the biggest, most colorful, and most creative mums of the season. We weren't disappointed!

If your school hasn't had homecoming yet or you didn't have a chance to submit your picture, you still have time!

The tradition of wearing a mum to homecoming was started in Texas, so it only makes sense that we have the biggest, most extravagant mums in the country. Only in Texas would you find 20-pound mums decorated with flashing lights, a family of teddy bears, and 10-foot feather boas.

Canyon, Amarillo High, Caprock, and Bushland have already had homecoming. Palo Duro's homecoming will be on September 16th, Tascosa's will be on September 20th, and Randall's will be on October 21st.

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