So one of the things I was looking most forward to doing this Thanksgiving was putting the bird on the smoker and doing up Thanksgiving dinner right.

Looks like those plans just got put on hold.

The forecast was initially calling for some colder temps (no problem with smoking) and a fair amount of wind (could be a problem with smoking). I was prepared to deal with those elements. Then I saw some precipitation creeping into the forecast.

Well now, it looks like we may be getting even more than we bargained for.

According to Newsweek, Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle could be in for a major freak storm, and it could dump loads of snow on us.

Their forecast model says that Amarillo could see up to TWO FEET of snow on Thanksgiving and continue into the overnight on Friday. The fact that we could get snow isn't exactly newsworthy, we get it all the time. Northern Texas averages 17 inches of snowfall per year, so not out of the ordinary.

However, Amarillo getting hit with two feet, with surrounding areas in the Panhandle seeing anywhere from 12-18 inches IS a bit newsworthy, and it could affect far more than just cooking the bird on the grill.

Travel plans are expected to be completely disrupted, trips to the store may not be as easy to make, and the get-togethers for Thanksgiving dinner will be a bit harder to travel to. If you're hosting a dinner, you may want to make sure you have sleeping arrangements for them as well.

This storm won't be as bad as the one we saw in 2021 with all the power outages and everything, but it will be bad enough to completely alter plans. At least the kids are about to have a ton of fun outside on Thanksgiving potentially.

You can read the entire forecast and story here.

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