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Although I’m not expecting any kids anytime soon, I know that a bunch of you are. My friend Adrea however is and she has given me a rundown of the best baby products to have. Basically, the essentials that every parent should not go without.

Here are the top five that expectant parents should search out:

Whispbear. Cry sensor technology automatically switches the pink noise on at the sound of baby's cry, meaning you won't have to worry about the machine running all night or jumping out of bed every time you hear a whimper.

Innobaby Ecleve Pulse Ultimate Comfort Hip Seat Carrier. What makes this carrier shine is a detachable hip seat for your little one, which helps distribute the baby’s weight more evenly and takes the pressure off your back and shoulders.

Woombie Air Swaddle Blanket. I actually want this for adults, Woombie created a swaddle that is made from a mesh like material for extra ventilation. The material has a little stretch to it, which makes swaddling babies easier and allows for a snugger swaddle. The tiny holes in the fabric help it to "breathe" and prevent overheating.

SweatyBaby Bodysuit. "These onesies were designed by a mother who was tired of how sweaty and hot her babies would get in the summer. These bodysuits are made from a bamboo/cotton blend and contains wicking to absorb moisture."

Toofeeze Teether. "Having something cold to teethe on is always ideal, but making sure I have a teether in the fridge is not usually something I remember to do. This silicone teether has a stainless steel portion that is hard and stays cool which feels amazing on baby's gums. The silicone part is a handle that is easy to grip for little hands."

Happy parenting and I hope you the best for your new family!

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