Not that it's any secret, but tonight's Powerball Lottery is around $500 Million!  So I began thinking about all the ridiculous things I'd do if I won, here is my list.

The thought of winning tons of money always sends people into daydreams.  Of course, I'd take care of my family and donate to my favorite charities, but with $500 Million I'd spend some of it on stupid things.

1. A bath tub made of crystals

I know this sound ridiculous, but I love a nice hot bath.  So can you imagine taking a bath in a tub made of crystals.  It would be awesome!

2. Bugatti Veyron Super Sports car

I love sports cars, not for their speed, but their looks.  The Bugatti Veryon Super Sports car is super sleek and would turn heads anywhere I went.  Plus, I'm sure my son would love it just as much.

3. An Amusement Park

I love to have kid fun.  Fun with no worries and full of  laughter.  I would have myself a small amusement park built for my family and friends with the best roller coasters ever made.

4. A Submarine

I do not know how to swim and am super afraid of the water, but I have always wanted to see the ocean animals and plants.  A submarine would be the perfect way to enjoy this.

5. A Dishwasher

I am not talking about the machine, but an actual person.  I love to cook and bake, but I hate cleaning the mess.  So I'd hire someone to come in and clean the kitchen once I'm done cooking my masterpiece!

I know these things are ridiculous and I probably really wouldn't buy this stuff, but it's nice to daydream.  I mean if I really wanted to see the ocean floor I could rent a submarine.  And hiring someone solely for washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen is laziness.

What would you buy with $500 Million?