Some of us might be up in arms regarding those recent photos that purport to depict Justin Bieber joining the doobie brothers, but don't worry, Justin -- the Game ain't mad at ya.

TMZ reports that the Compton-based rapper was on a hike when he was approached by the paparazzi network's omnipresent cameras and asked to offer his thoughts on the Bieber brouhaha. "Let's keep it real," scoffed the hoodied Game. "There's a lot of people in high positions ... who smoke a little weed sometimes."

Of course, that doesn't mean Game is condoning the use of controlled substances by superstar Canadian teenagers, but he understands. "I'm not saying it's okay ... but [Bieber] made a mistake," he added. "Forgive him. Let him go through the growing pains of his life."

After kicking it on the surprisingly compassionate tip, Game proceeded to drop knowledge on another front, suggesting that if Bieber is going to continue toking up, he should probably look into getting a good old-fashioned marijuana card -- in other words, a "prescription" for whatever "medical condition" is creating Bieber's need for weed. Under California law, medicinal marijuana can be prescribed for a wide variety of ailments -- including anxiety, which sounds pretty perfect for a young pop star who's always being pursued by mobs of people. Perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order?

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