Don’t you hate it when Brooke Burke gets drunk at your wedding and won’t stop slow-dancing with you? It was not THAT Brooke Burke, but a woman with the same name as the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ babe got a little too cozy with the groom at a wedding and that’s where her downward Mambo begins.

The bride asked the lingering dancer to scoot, which must have set the  — obviously drunk — woman off.  She screamed at the blushing newlywed and tried to hit her. Later in the evening, Burke was seen screaming at two good Samaritans who had taken her car keys from her in the parking lot because she was still obviously drunk.

Auxiliary police officer Dan Kuack, who was working security at the event, calmed her down and had someone call her a cab. While waiting, she returned to the party and had another go at the bride. Kuack tried restraining her and she then attacked him.

Needless to say, police were brought in and she spent the night in jail on assault and disorderly conduct charges. She did get a perfect score from Bruno Tonioli for her “limbo into a police cruiser.”

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