School is back in session and "The Hacker Morning Show" has a challenge for all middle/high-schools in the Texas Panhandle.

Every Thursday at 7am we will ask you guys to Tweet, Facebook or call the request line and tell us your favorite middle/high-school. If you Tweet or Facebook us you must #HackerSchoolSpirit and the name of your school.

We will tally up all the votes and the school with the most will win and "The Hacker Morning Show" will broadcast live Friday morning from the school that won that week. We will also play games out there for prizes, mix live the Friday Dance Party and many more surprises.

If you want "The Hacker Morning Show" to throw you a School Spirit party at your school Friday morning then be ready to vote Thursday morning from 7am-8am. Good Luck and cant wait to see you soon!!!!!

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