Are you afraid of the dark? Do you like watching ghost adventure show or maybe even wanted to be part of a paranormal activity investigation?

Well, this might be something for you. It's time for another year of "The Hacker's Haunted Broadcast!" On October 24th we will take 8 people on investigation not too many will have a chance to do. We are teaming up with Yellow City Paranormal to do an investigation on one of the scariest places in West Texas.

We will investigate and give some intense challenges to the 8 fearful listeners that will be joining us that night. Will they be able to handle the challenge? We will broadcast live and stream live video on the Kiss FM site for you to watch and hear all of the action. Can we connect with some spirits at this true haunted location?

Tune in to Kiss FM on October 24th to find out! Check out the video of some footage we took out at the secret location...