Covid kept a lot of events away last year. So this is the year to bring them all back. One that we look forward to every summer is back. I am talking about the Harley Party to benefit Family Support Services.

They are back and ready to give away a brand new Harley Davidson. If you have always dreamed about owning one this could be your reality. All it can cost you is $90 to drive off with it that night. How does that sound? Plus you will be helping out a great organization.

So if you are not familiar with the Harley Party you get a ticket to the event for that $90. That ticket gets you and a guest in. You get an evening of food, beverages and live music. That ticket is also your one entry into the reverse drawing that happens through out the night.

This year the fun has been moved to the Tri State Fairgrounds. A lot of our events have since it has a lot more ground for people to

Do you have your tickets to the biggest and best summer party in Amarillo? The 26th annual Original Harley Party is July 31st at the Tri-State Fairgrounds. Featuring three great bands - Buster Bledsoe, Touching Voodoo, and the Red Dirt Rockers - plus food, beverages, vendors, a Fun Run, and more! PLUS the grand prize - a 2021 Softail Slim or $15,000 Visa Gift Card!

Get your tickets TODAY at Tripp's Harley-Davidson, Family Support Services, or online. Only 1,500 tickets will be sold, so hurry!
We still need volunteers and food vendors. To participate in this great event for a great cause, email
Only 1500 tickets will be sold and they do have a tendency to sell out. So I would not really wait. If you want to get tickets online HERE are the details.

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