So early on in 2020 things already hit Family Support Services hard. Their office in Downtown Amarillo had a fire. A lot of damages occurred. In fact their building was destroyed. So they already had to find a place to home them.

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Luckily Amarillo Independent School District, Guyon Saunders and Boys Ranch stepped in to help provide them some temporary offices that they could work out of. Then March hit and so did covid. So activities they counted on to help get them back on their feet got cancelled.

The Harley Party in the summer is one of their big activities. It had to go away this year. So that was not good news. What is, though, considered great is that they have finally found a new home. A permanent one. It will be located off of 7th Avenue. The area will be bigger than their former place.

They will now be able to help even more people. There is not a set move in date as of now. There are a few renovations that need to be done first. The move in date may still be in their future but just the knowledge that a place has been found is great news.

We just now have to move on to 2021 and look forward to Family Support Services to be able to host their Mardi Gras and their Harley Party. Not only will the families that they help be thankful but all of Amarillo will be thrilled to get back to normal events.

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