The Lumineers made a stop in New York to perform on the world famous Saturday Night Live, and the alternative/folk rock band was a crowd favorite with their hit song Ho Hey.  

The Denver based group brought the entire package to the performance, from the hooting and hollering, and even clog dancing, you could say their performance on SNL really did have it all!  I mean, when was the last time you heard of any band bringing clogging dancers on stage?  How many people even know what clog dancing is?

Rolling Stone reports:

They started off with their foot-stomping hit, "Ho Hey," which featured heavily in the trailer for host Jennifer Lawrence's film Silver Linings Playbook. For the second set, they returned with a cello to play "Stubborn Love," another song off their Grammy-nominated debut album, The Lumineers, which the band self-released in April.

I'm telling you, keep your eyes and ears on the Lumineers, this band isn't going to be a "1 hit wonder", I see many great things in their future, and can't wait for the official release of the new single Stubborn Love!

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