I wanna start by saying my faith in NASA and all other astronomers has been drastically reduced after this asteroid entered our atmosphere, exploding into a meteorite, and literally came out of no where, exploding over Russia sending fireballs to the ground. I'd like to think by now we have the technology and people educated enough to see these kinds of events coming.  Oh and now that this has happened, fear that it could be just the beginning is stirring!  They couldn't have said that yesterday?

I realize it's a big sky and it's hard to spot it all, but I thought for sure there was some kind of system in place that has a sole purpose of looking for objects that could possible impact the Earth.  It's funny how they can talk about an asteroid that's going to be close to our planet 50 years from now, but couldn't call this asteroid that arrived today, exploded, breaking up into smaller pieces known as meteorites and slamming Russia.

The biggest country in the world got to see, for a lack of better words, a starling display in the sky.  I bet people were thinking aliens were invading and war of the worlds and all kinds of crazy things, I know I would have!

Over 300 buildings sustained damage from doors literally being blown off, windows being shattered, things that if you witnessed it would definitely leave you speechless just like it did the people in Russia.

Streaks across the sky, an incredibly bright light just streaking over your city, HOW CRAZY!

Last I checked, 514 people were in need of medical attention, 84 of which were children, 9 were listed in critical condition.

And now more bad news, there is speculation that this was merely a teaser!  A surprise that is to be followed by an even bigger surprise as it's said that there could be another asteroid behind it following the same path!  Oh great!

The fact is, in all seriousness, this was truly a shock to the astronomer community, they did not see this one coming.  However, scientists do say we are expecting a "rather larger meteor", dubbed Asteroid 2012DA14, which is supposed to be passing Earth at a record breaking distance.  Moving along right at the edge of our atmosphere, and could take out several satellites, but it isn't expected to be sucked in by the gravitational pull.  Still, that's going to be some crazy stuff to see!

A lot of people are actually saying that what we saw today was actually a part of that large asteroid that is heading towards us.  That it's one of the smaller asteroids traveling with the larger asteroid.

I can honestly say that 2013 is the year to keep your eyes on the sky!  It's going to be a very exciting year and we'll see some amazing things in our night sky!

Something cool though, a visible comet is coming which will be really cool to check out as well!

Comet Ison will be visible through the days of Summer through up until the days of Winter and it will be the brightest object in the sky except for the Moon.

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