I am one of those weird people who does not like ketchup on their fries. I prefer mustard. Unless I am at Chick Fil A and then it is the zesty buffalo sauce all the way.

I don't know how many times I go to a place and they throw about 15 packages of ketchup at the bottom of my bag. Stuff that I will never touch. Even if I say no ketchup it still ends up in my bag.

Then I ask for extra bbq sauce or something and they want to charge me for it. I mean I get it. It costs them. I try to say to save that handful of ketchup you inevitably will throw into my bag and hook me up with one or two of your non-ketchup sauces.

Please! There was one fast food place that would give you the hot mustard dipping sauce if you ordered nuggets....but if you didn't well forget about it. Unless you paid their fifteen cent ransom per package. Really? I promise I will not use your ketchup!

Now, this takes me to this weekend. I went to Chick Fil A on Georgia. They have hands down the best customer service. It's always their pleasure to serve you. They are so dang happy with their job and it shows.

I went through and got my couple of meals and they asked if I wanted any sauce with my order. Yes, yes I do! I want the zesty buffalo sauce. I even asked for extra of the sauce. I dip my fries in it! Not only is it fabulous but it only has 10 calories. Yes, I just looked that up! So it's guilt free too!

This is what they gave me!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Look at that! Eight glorious packages of buffalo sauce! Not one will go to waste! Not one will end up unopened and in my trash. Even if I don't finish them all I end up putting them in my fridge.

That stuff is that good! So thank you for not filling my bag up with that dreaded ketchup and thank you for giving me the extra sauce as I asked. Oh and thank you for not saying you have to charge me. I appreciate great customer service!

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