Amarillo drivers are notorious. While not as bad as maybe Dallas drivers, we still have our issues.

Blinkers seem non-existent. People cross three lanes of traffic constantly. For some reason, merging onto the interstate seems like something most people just don't have the stomach for.

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Over the weekend, however, I noticed one good thing. A lot of Amarillo drivers still do, "the wave."

The wave is one of my favorite things about having grown up in this part of the world. It's a simple gesture. It doesn't require much effort. It reminds me of tight knit communities and a general attitude of being kind to your fellow man.

It's a simple friendly gesture between neighbors.

You don't see them everywhere. You won't get a wave going down Coulter or Soncy. Downtown waves are also hard to come by.

Get into the quieter, slower parts of town though and you'll still get a wave.

There are several variations of the neighborly wave as you pass someone. I've seen, and done, them all.

There's the hand flip. Some people drive with their wrist laying on top of the wheel, and simply flip their hand up to pull off the wave.

Then there's the four-finger-how-are-ya wave. These individuals won't raise their whole hand off the wheel. Instead, they just raise up their four fingers.

Sometimes, you'll see the one-finger-howdy. This one is kin to the four-finger-how-are-ya. Instead of four fingers, they just lift the one.

More rare is the I'm-so-happy-to-see-you wave.These individuals wave with their whole hand just as if they weren't operating a motor vehicle. They're excited about life and want to make sure you see them being cordial on the road.

I think it's time. We need to make "the wave" commonplace again.

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