Fall is here and with Halloween right around the corner, people are putting up their decorations. You can expect to see spiders, witches' cauldrons, and pumpkins... But there's one decoration I just don't understand.

At one point I never knew what it was or what they called them. Growing up they had this show and it all came to light to what they were.

'Gargoyle' an animal face or figure sitting from the gutter If a building. They are typically a spout to clear the wall from water. They were created sometime during the medieval time, but may some were found in ancient civilizations. Placed on the roofs of Egyptian temples even seen on Greek temples.

The figures were often carved into the shape of lions and other ferocious animals. Gargoyle was started in a country that was saved from a monster by the name of Goji or Gargouille. The story is the monster was so scary it frightened off evil spirits. Leading to the name and the people calling the monster a protector and then started placing carved pieces on churches and important buildings.

History shows gargoyles have been created in different images and figures. They do continue to serve as water spouts and rain spouts, but most often they don't provide a function. As the spouts became less popular, so too did the use of gargoyles.

They became more of a decoration like the The Tower of London in England is surrounded by gargoyles, all bearing different faces. The Notre Dame de Paris, even in the United States the stainless steel versions used on the Chrysler Building in New York City.

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