We have heard that Chuy's was coming to Amarillo quite a long time ago. Of course things changed once Covid hit. It changed a lot of things for a lot of people. For Chuy's it definitely changed their timeline.

The good news is that they never thought about giving up and not opening up here in Amarillo. I have never eaten at a Chuy's. So I am excited to try it. We have a lot of great Tex Mex places here in Amarillo. I am hoping it fills the void that Ruby Tequila's and Leal's left.

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My daughter and I like to visit Jorge's, Joe Taco, Abuelo's, La Fiesta, and Abuelo's to name a few, we love Tex Mex. So yes we have choices but the more the merrier. Really I can't wait to give it a try.

Well they have finally released their opening day of May 11th. Oh and it's a Tuesday. Taco Tuesday anyone? Definitely put that on your calendar. You know how restaurant's go here in Amarillo. Opening day can be crazy. Everyone wants to try the new place. The excitement in the air and I feel this is one we have waited for quite some time to finally have open.

They are starting their hiring process. So if you are looking for a job as well this may be the news you have been waiting to hear. They are bringing 92 new jobs to our city so that is good news too. They will start the hiring process later this month. Click HERE to fill out an application.

Chuy's will be located at 8400 I40 West. The sign is up so you can not miss it. The wait is almost over.

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