The WOWW Factor is a Fundraiser and Concert to promote children's educational arts, science, and cultural programs through Window On a Wider World for the Texas Panhandle Students. The event is scheduled Friday March 5 at 7:30PM.

Window On a Wider World will host The International sensation, The 5 Browns. Five young siblings from Utah called “The 5 Browns” deliver incredible classical masterpiece music while performing various combinations from duo to complex five Steinway-piano arrangements.

 The 5 Browns reveal a deep connection to the intent of their material while bringing a fresh energy and dynamic character to the color and tonal spectrum of their sound. This is an opportunity for the Panhandle of Texas to experience exceptional inspirational music at the exceptional acoustically perfect, world- class, Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts.

Also available: VIP Dinner by Chef Joey Guzman of the new Barfield Hotel. VIP Private Parking for Dinner at The Barfield Parking lot 600 S. Polk St. Dinner at Gloria Jean's Events 626 S. Polk St. Ste. 200 VIP Parking at the GNC. VIP Art exhibit and silent auction.

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