If you are an Aggies alumni or just a huge fan, you have 2 new ways you can cheer on Texas A&M. My Plates, the company who handles all the custom license plates for Texas vehicles, has introduced new designs that proudly feature the Texas A&M official logo with different background colors and slogans.

The first plate features the traditional Aggie Maroon background with the famous “Gig’em Aggies®” slogan. This design has the flexibility to allow up to seven alpha-numeric letters on the plate. Most plates in Texas only allow up to six, so the flexibility of this extra letter allows fans to say more with seven.

The second plate features a black background with a larger A&M logo and the university’s “Home of the 12th Man®” trademark. This design allows up to six alpha-numeric characters on the plate. The black design has been selected to allow Aggies another option to color-compliment their vehicles while still proudly showing their Aggie pride. The most popular My Plates designs in Texas are the ones that feature black backgrounds.

Both A&M plate designs start as low as only $50/year when purchased annually or as little as $35/year when purchased for a 5-year term. Texas A&M is already the number one selling official trademark plate brand within the My Plates program. Texas A&M outsells all others including the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Texans, the San Antonio Spurs and all other college brands including the University of Texas. Aggies leading the way is nothing new, with Texas A&M having held the top spot for College/Sports plates in the My Plates program since they first launched in 2010.

Aside from representing the university, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the two new designs benefit Texas A&M University and scholarships. The new plates are available for purchase now. Aggies who wish to be one of the first to order these designs may do so at myplates.com/aggieplates or visit aggieplates.tamu.edu.

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