I am against bullying as much as the next person but this is going a little too far.  The Little Baby Face foundation is giving free plastic surgery to kids that are being bullied because of their looks.

Now as a mother, I have a huge problem with this.  Why on earth would anyone think that it is ok to give children plastic surgery?  I understand that sometimes it is necessary for medical reasons, but 'just because' is not ok.

The Little Baby Face foundation recently gave a 14 year old plastic surgery because she didn't like her ears.  They pinned her ears back, shaved her chin and gave her a nose job.  The reasoning is so that she doesn't get bullied.

As a mom, I am going to teach my son that he is beautiful no matter what.  I want to give him the self esteem he needs so that he is not phased by bullies.  I do not want to teach him that surgery is the answer.

I actually found a video from ABC News of a 7 year old that was 'helped' by the LBF foundation.  In the video it is clear that the mom is the one who wants the surgery.  The reasoning is because the little girl has big ears.  What kid doesn't?  Most kids that I know have big ears, they grow into them.  In the video, the reporter even tells the mom that the little girl admits that she has never been bullied.

Watch the video and then tell me what you think.

Do you think the kids feel bullied or the parents push them to the have surgery?

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