Kiss FM loves to be a part of the community and is not afraid to voice our opinions or talk about issues going on around town. Starting June 5th, and every 1st Sunday of the month we will host a show called "Listen Up Amarillo!"

Tommy The Hacker and special guests will be tackling issues that are affecting our city. This is a great opportunity to be involved with the show and voice your opinion. Your message on the radio could make a difference for someone else. Other things we might cover is drug abuse, relationship abuse, trafficking, bullying.... any issue that we feel is important enough to be covered.

We will have special guests such as Family Support Services, counselors, motivational speakers, pastors, and community leaders on the show that will help out with advice on our monthly topics. The show will be featured on the 1st Sunday of every month on 96.9 Kiss FM.

We are very excited to launch this new show and want you to be a part of it so we can make a difference in our community. Please share the word and join us Sunday, June 5th, from 8pm-10pm for the "Listen Up Amarillo" show!

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