We all know the cost of flying continues to climb like a 747 elevating after takeoff, but this is ridiculous.

Brian Kelly -- aka The Points Guy on YouTube -- recently enjoyed the inaugural flight aboard Etihad Airways' A380 flight from New York to Abu Dhabi in a section of the plane called the Residence. The cost? A stunning $32,000. That's like first class for first class.

So, what do you get for that price tag?

  • a butler
  • a three-cabin suite
  • a privately cooked meal from a professional chef
  • a personally engraved bottle of vodka
  • a wine tasting
  • a shower
  • a double bed

And that doesn't include all the amenities before you step on the plane (you know, things like a private car for you and another one for your bags, caviar and your own personal bathroom in an exclusive lounge).

And there are also the other goodies onboard that will make you feel like a pauper the next time you're stuck watching a rerun of Parks and Recreation on the seat in front of you while you circle over Terre Haute.

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