We all want to have that one picture that tells a story. This Texas A&M took a picture she will never forget.

Mackenzie Noland of Abilene is about to graduate from Texas A&M. To commemorate this special moment of her young life, she did something a little crazy and exciting. She took a graduation photo with a huge gator named Big Tex.

Noland is a wildlife ecology major who has been doing her internship at Gator Country Adventure Park in Beaumont, Texas. Big Tex is one of the gators there.

She thought it would be a great picture to have her cap on and take a picture with the big guy. She posted the picture on Instagram with the caption, "Not your typical graduation picture". The picture started to get a lot of comments shortly after she posted it.

Another picture she posted showed a her class ring sitting on the nose of one of the gators. Mackenzie seems to really enjoy this line of work and has the courage to be around these very large creatures.


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