If you are moving into a new place and have to share the living space with another person, you might to follow these helpful tips.

A few years an astronaut named Terry Virts lived on the International Space Station for almost seven straight months.  While being interviewed by a reporter he was asked for tips with living with people in close quarters. He is what he said.

1. Respect each others space: Make sure to have some me time. Play some video games or read a book. Make sure to get out of the apartment too.

2. Be fair with the chores: You can resent each other if one person is doing all the work. So be fair with who does what.

3. Don't eat food without asking: This is a major sin when you live with someone else. Nothing is worst then coming home and opening the refrigerator and your leftovers are gone. If you did not buy...don't eat it.

4. Do not let problems fester: If there is an issue make sure to talk about it. If things go to long without a conclusion it can become a major problem.

Just remember one thing. Communication is key. Make sure to always talk to your roommate and keep these tips in mind.


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