We are challenging all of our listeners and visitors to the "Cookies For Soldiers" challenge in hopes of getting everyone involved.

This is how it works. You have 24 hours to challenge a friend, co-worker, or family member to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies. Then  you must drop-off the Girl Scout cookies here at the Kiss FM studio.

What we want to do send all of the cookies that get donated overseas to the troops. Soldiers would love to get a box of Girl Scout cookies and at the same time show a lot of support to our local Girls Scouts.

You must shoot a video of you, your box of Girl Scout cookies, and challenge someone to the "Cookies For Soldiers" campaign. Take that video and upload it to Facebook for others to see. We hope this goes viral and we are able to get as many cookies donated our troops.

Girl Scouts cookies can be donated here at the studio. 6214 W 34th next to KFC. Thanks for your support and for listening to Kiss FM!

Watch video to see who I challenged.


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