Well with all the hype about all the Black Friday specials going on I had to witness it for my own eyes! This year was a little different with Black Friday. With all the departments stores being so competitive and them competing on which store was gonna make the most money. So all Walmart's started there Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving night at 10pm to get that early jump start on other competitors.

Walmart was packed by 9pm and had great deals on DVD's as low as $1.99 and Kids clothes as $4.00. All the Electronics didn't go on sale till midnight. After checking out the Walmart Craziness drove across town to see who was gonna win the BATTLE of which store was gonna win for Longest Line. Was it gonna be Target or Best Buy.


This year the store that had the biggest line in the city for the Black Friday deals definitely was Target. This line wrapped all around the building and down all the way to Hooters! By the time they opened doors at midnight temperatures were in the 20's, but thanks to the staff of Target Employees hooking up free hot chocolate for everyone. So my vote for best deals on Electronics was Best Buy. For Best Kids Clothes goes to Walmart. Thanks to Westgate mall for opening up at midnight to stay in the game with all the competitors. It was funny to see the mall get a late rush at 2 a.m. all the drunk people wobble in with there clubbing gear..Haha..Black Friday 2011 is a wrap! We'll see ya next year! If you missed the craziness check out these videos.









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