Well, it's almost that time! Halloween is right around the corner. For those of you who are up for it, we have a small list of great ways to spook the neighborhood kids as they come up to your house to get the halloween goodies. If you have never had the chance to scare the bejezzus out of a bunch of little kids, this is your chance! An entire night dedicated to it.

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    Pick Up An Old Trash Can & You're Set

    Super Easy & Not Expensive

    Nothing says Halloween fun like scaring a bunch of unsuspecting little kids. This is a simple way to do it. You can buy these cans at most Halloween stores, but if you really want to scare them good. Crawl in there yourself and pop out with a wild costume on. You are sure to get repeat visitors every year!

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    The Ol' Ghost On A Stick

    Head On Down To The Halloween Store

    While this isn't a 'Scare Tactic' that most people can make in their garage, it sure gets the job done! The Ghost On A Stick really puts the fear into these people. I would love to have one of these for our house this year. Of course, as this video shows, you might end up losing some "customers".

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    Dress Up As A Creepy Lawn Character

    Definitely Needs Some Surrounding Spooky Scenery

    The key to this scare is letting the people think you are just a 'Prop'. Don't let them know that you are actually inside the costume until they are completely distracted by something else. While this one requires a little extra money for props, it totally makes up for it in the "scare" category. Have fun with this one, as it's gonna keep em' rolling in all night.

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    Put a Speaker In The Candy Bowl

    Simple & Hilarious

    Get an oversized candy bowl and a speaker with remote microphone, and you're set! Fill the candy bowl with tons of candy and let the kiddos come a runnin'. The great thing about this one is that the kids think they are going to be able to load up on candy as there is no-one there to hand it out. It's sittin' right there in front of their little fingers. Then, right when they are about to start loading up on all your goodies, give em' a good scare through the microphone. The only thing bad about this is that Halloween only lasts for one night. This could be fun on a daily basis.

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    Using Your Surrounding Attractions To Lure Them In

    This One Costs Some Cash

    It's obvious that these people spent some cash putting together their scare prank. If you are able to invest some money in some interesting spooky scenery, then you are sure to be able to catch people off gaurd, which makes for some hilarious scary scenes. Don't forget to wait until they are not expecting it. How fun would it be for all the local kids to come trick or treat at your place every year?