As I continue this weird kick I'm on doing random searches to see what's being searched the most on Google, I'm finding out that the world is just as weird as I am.  That's relieving right there!  I've been shocked with the top search auto-fill results from "how to" and "why does", and today I figured I'd type in "why do I" and see what popped up.  What do you think the top auto-fill results are?

As always, there's 4 (at least that I can see) and 3 of them are pretty normal, but there always seems to be 1 that makes me LOL.  When they popped up, the position of my mouse arrow was over the weird one, which in turn made it say "I'm feeling lucky" to the right of it, and that was just weird all together.

Dallas Chambers
Dallas Chambers


Why do I keep getting a urinary tract infection, I'm feeling lucky?  Now irony!  I've never had one, but I doubt there's any luck in getting one!

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