Seeing a tornado in real life is a pretty surreal experience!  You never know what to expect!  That's why it's VERY dangerous to go off trying to video tape a tornado, even if you "think" you're at a safe distance!  Either way, this guy took a chance, and got some great footage of the tornado that tore through the Texas Panhandle on April 1st, 2013.

The tornado hit near Caprock Canyon state park, and as you can see from the video, this tornado isn't no punk!

I would have been totally freaked out if I was that dude!  Did you see the size of that tornado?  That was huge!

Thankfully, it was in the middle of nowhere so no injuries!  It did look like those guys in the little pick-up truck that drove through were having some fun though!

Boys and girls, things never to do during a tornado, never get drunk and go cruising around a tornado!  That's lesson 1.

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