Toys 'R' Us Files For Bankruptcy
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This is like stopping by McDonalds for a Whopper.

Two arch nemesis companies have teamed up to recreate a brand that we all grew up with and loved.

Geoffrey Giraffe has been adopted by Target.

The parent company of Toys R Us is turning to a past rival to restart its e-commerce business ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Tru Kids Brands is teaming up with Target to relaunch, according to a joint release.

The site, which launched Tuesday, features product reviews and videos and directs browsers to a buy button at to complete the purchase.

Both Target and Tru Kids did not disclose details of the financial terms, while analysts say the move is a big win for Target's toy business, they question why Toys R Us' parent company would decide to outsource e-commerce to a third party.

All I know is I don’t wanna grow up.

Thank you Target.

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