I was driving down Bell this morning when I came across this at the Belpree intersection.  A traffic light in Amarillo oh just kinda missing.  Well, it's not missing, it's just twisted up and on the ground.  Not long after I passed it, I learned that a car struck the pole and knocked down the traffic light.

"The driver of a red sedan was hospitalized Wednesday night after the car struck a traffic signal pole at the intersection of Belpree Road and South Bell Street, Amarillo police said.

Officer Neil Jensen said the driver — the vehicle’s only occupant — was in stable condition and had been taken by ambulance to a local hospital."

The wreck is still under investigation by APD.

There are city workers putting in work on the pole and they'll have it fixed before you know it.  For now, it's a 3 way stop, so be courteous to other drivers at the intersection.

And just because I know you're thinking it, no I wasn't driving and using my phone at the same time.  I was using a camera not on a cell phone!  That clears me of everything right?  I mean, they don't have a law about using a camera and driving, just cell phones lol!


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