This time last year I met my friend and personal trainer, Alexis Grace.  With her help, I lost a lot of weight and got really healthy with my eating habits. But, then Summer time came and I fell off the horse. I did not put back on a lot of the weight, but my eating habits got really bad again. So she is getting my butt back into the gym and we are back on my healthy diet. Believe it or not, I am excited. We had great results the last time, so I know we will do all right again. For starters, she gave me this recipe for a great tasting and healthy breakfast. Try it for yourself.

Healthy Morning Breakfast Hash


Ground Turkey 5 oz

2 Eggs

1 Small Potato

Vegetables: Your choice of Bell Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms or Spinach. We made this with all of them.






  1. Cook Turkey with the eggs in the pan until they are fully cooked
  2. Microwave Potato for 4 mins. Cut up and mix into Turkey
  3. Add in your vegetables and Horseradish
  4. Add Pepper to taste

Check out the pictures below. Try it and send us pictures of how it turned out for you.



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