According to a City of Amarillo report, two cases of the mumps have come out of Randall County.

Mumps positive
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This seems to be in line with the cases of mumps that have been popping up all over Texas.  According to the Director of Public Health, Casie Stoughton,

“Texas is experiencing an outbreak, similar to the national trend at a 25 year high, due to declining vaccination rates”

The mumps vaccine came out in 1967 and since the vaccine, mumps cases dropped by 99%.  Now that more and more families are choosing not to vaccinate, viruses like mumps are on the rise.

Commons ways mumps is transmitted is through coughing, sneezing, sharing of cups and utensils.  The virus is contained in respiratory droplets.  In other words, its contained in drops of spit/saliva. These droplets are expelled when you cough, or sneeze.  When a person with mumps shares a drink, fork, spoon, straw, etc, or even a kiss then the virus can be spread.

The best way to prevent mumps is to be vaccinated.

The City of Amarillo Department of Public urges everyone to be fully vaccinated.  “Vaccines are the strongest protection against mumps and other vaccine preventable diseases,” said Dr. Scott Milton, Health Authority.  “It is important to protect our community with strong vaccination rates.”

If you think you might have the mumps virus, then get to your doctor and get checked.

Symptoms include: puffy cheeks and swollen jaw, fever, headache, no appetite, muscle aches, exhaustion.

The best prevention from the mumps virus is being vaccinated.  If you haven't been vaccinated and would like to be, contact a health professional today.


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