Looks like a shipment of cocaine and a shipment of meth were seized at two different Texas ports.

Let's start off with the smaller drug bust over in Sarita, Texas at their checkpoint a United States citizen was trying to come back over the border. Inspectors searched his tractor-trailer and found 33 bundles of cocaine. Border protection agents said in total they weighed about 80 pounds and have a street value of around 2.7 million dollars. Pretty good bust, but not as massive as the bust in Pharr, Texas.

A truck was carrying a shipment of frozen strawberries. During a closer inspection, 350 packages were found inside the shipping container. Those packages had 906 pounds of methamphetamine that were worth about $12,700,000, Customs and Border Patrol said. The 42-year-old Mexican citizen involved in the seizure is in the custody of Homeland Security Investigations agents for further investigation.

A job well done at the border for getting all those pounds of drugs before they reach the states.


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