So a man walks into a bar...

Stop me if you've heard that joke before. I'm sure we all have, but I didn't think a variation of it would come into play in real life.

Crazy enough, it's actually gone from a joke to reality here in Amarillo.

On December 1st, law enforcement officers executed a federal search warrant against Carlos Gomez Alonso. The warrant was executed at Las Alazanas Bar on Amarillo Blvd.

While there, officers found 25 bags of powder in a small container. That wasn't all they found however. There were some other baggies found inside a small container in Alonso's pants pockets. To top it all off, more baggies of powder were found near the bar inside.

All told, officers reported finding around 25 grams of cocaine in all.

Alonso was arrested at that point and brought in for questioning. Once in the room, Alonso admitted to selling the cocaine, pulling down around $2500 per week from his sales. He also told officers he received around an ounce per week over the last 2 years or so.

This investigation had been going on for several months now. An undercover officer reported purchasing cocaine on numerous occasions from different bar employees since August 2021. It's safe to say there could potentially be more people being arrested as part of the operation.

Alonso was booked into Randall County Jail on charges of conspiring to distribute cocaine as well as possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute it.

So the next time you hear the joke about someone walking into a bar, just know it may be a joke...or it may not be.

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