Again another week another announcement, this time two, of closed restaurants. I woke up early this morning and decided to scroll through Facebook. Yep, that is when I read about these.

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Now the first one there has been some grumblings about "are they open?" or "are they closed?" some people made the haul downtown to find out. It was hit or miss. Not anymore the official word is that yes Acapulco's Mexican Restaurant (727 S Polk) is officially closed. Even if Google's Maps hasn't caught wind of the news yet. There was an eviction notice on the door earlier and the restaurant seems to be empty. So that is that.

credit: Google Maps

If you follow THIS page on Facebook you will see that people really speak their minds. There are some who will miss it and some that obviously won't. I haven't been there in years. I even work within walking distance. I was not one that made the short walk to even see if the rumors were true. I hate that another restaurant closed and people obviously lost jobs. That is the worst part.

The other restaurant that has closed officially is the Blue Front Cafe (801 SW 6th). Now I didn't even know they were still open. I had gone there several times years ago. Breakfast was always delicious. Then they changed ownership. They made a lot of changes to the menu. It wasn't bad. It was just not the same. I went there once after the change. I think there downfall was that people just forgot about them. Google Maps does have them listed as "Permanently Closed." Which again is sad. Another failed business and more employees out of work.

credit: Google Maps