Beyond scaring the hell out of me and half the world, this story also has U.S. officials on edge, waiting to see, is North Korea going to fire missiles?  The Obama Administration says it's "likely that North Korea could deploy test missiles at any time", and their landing mark is unknown.  That's what freaks me out the most!  Beyond that, North Korea warns foreigners in the South of nuclear war!

CNN catches up on the story:

"(Source CNN) -- The Obama administration calculates it's likely North Korea may test fire mobile ballistic missiles at any time, based on the most recent intelligence showing Pyongyang probably has completed launch preparations, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

The administration believes a test launch could happen without North Korea issuing a standard notice to commercial aviation and maritime shipping warning them to stay away from the missile's path, according to the official, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the information.

He cautioned most of the information comes from satellite imagery, so it's impossible to reach a definitive conclusion because the United States has no means to gather information on the ground.

"We hope they issue a notification, but at this point we don't expect it. We are working on the assumption they won't, " the official said.

He said the launch could be "imminent," but also cautioned that the United States "simply doesn't know."

The official, along with a Pentagon official, said that the United States has been able to keep satellites over the suspected launch area for most of the past week.

The United States thinks the missiles remain at a point about halfway down the eastern coast of North Korea and are about 10 miles inland.

Imagery has been impeded by some bad weather, which means there is less than perfect knowledge about what is happening on the ground. But based on what the United States has seen, the belief is that the missiles have received their liquid fuel and are ready for launch.

After any launch, U.S. satellites and radars in the region would be able to calculate the trajectory of missiles within minutes and quickly conclude whether they are on a test path headed for open ocean or potentially headed for land areas such as Japan."

You see that last part there, that's what freaks me out!  It's like we've been taught to not trust North Korea and if they're about to start launching missiles, even they are just test missiles, but to do it without warning so satellites, airplanes and other objects can be clear of the area, that is not cool!

Countries have the right to build an army and prepare for defense, we should all be ready, just in case.  We do it here in the USA, China does it, many countries do it, but as a country it is your obligation to notify all others of what you're doing.  And the fact that these U.S. officials are using words like "imminent" and saying the trajectory of the missiles are "unknown", that should be enough to tell you that there is a lot more to this!  It's not preparing a defense, it's offense, preparing for war!  I only pray I'm wrong!

The fact is, if you pay attention to the news, there is just so much going on right now that it's to the point of overwhelming.  With everything happening in our world, you would be a fool to think something bad happening is impossible.

Think I'm crazy?  Look what the NY Times release less than 3 hours ago:

(Source - NY Times) "SEOUL, South Korea — As North Korea warned foreigners on Tuesday that they might want to leave South Korea because the peninsula was on the brink of nuclear war — a statement that analysts dismissed as hyperbole — the American commander in the Pacific expressed worries that the North’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, might not have left himself an easy exit to reduce tensions.

“His father and his grandfather, as far as I can see, always figured into their provocation cycle an ‘off ramp,’ ” the commander, Adm. Samuel J. Locklear III, said during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. “And it’s not clear to me that he has thought through how to get out of it. And so that’s what makes this scenario, I think, particularly challenging.”

The administration has settled on a strategy of refusing to make concessions to the North and has adopted a new plan to deter any hostilities by promising a proportionate response. In doing so, it hopes to reverse what is considers a long-term pattern in which the West offers aid to calm tensions and then North Korea breaks its promises to halt its nuclear program. But Obama administration officials acknowledge that the new strategy will work only if Mr. Kim either backs down or satisfies himself with a token show of force, like a missile test into the open ocean. The South Koreans have warned such a test could happen as early as this week.

At the core of the concern within the administration and the intelligence agencies is that they do not understand Mr. Kim’s motivations. His father and grandfather suggested, at times, that they might be willing to negotiate to end their nuclear program. But Mr. Kim arrived in power with a small nuclear arsenal — the fuel for about six to a dozen weapons, according to intelligence officials, and a pathway to make more — and he may be calculating that with those potential weapons in hand, he is less vulnerable to attack."


So, maybe nuclear war is about to break out, maybe not.  With North Korea being as they said, "on the brink of nuclear war", it's time for everyone to take time and stop to smell the roses and let all your friends and family know just how much you love them!  Not saying it's coming our way, but I am saying you never know when it could happen!

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