The SpaceX launch yesterday was around 17 minutes away from making history when the launch was scrubbed due to concerns regarding the weather. The next attempt will be on Saturday at 2:22PM our time.

Watching the live stream, I found it pretty interesting just how perfect all of the conditions have to be for the launch to take place. Not only does the weather have to be perfect at the launch site, but it also needs to be perfect where the capsule will splash down in case something goes wrong during launch.

Here's the footage of the test of the launch escape. It's actually pretty fascinating.

Even though Tropical Storm Bertha won't be anywhere near the launch site Saturday, weather conditions could still prove problematic. As of right now, there is a 60% chance for a "weather violation" on Saturday.

Also, hopefully this Saturday the International Space Station will once again be streaming live regarding the launch. It was a lot of fun on Wednesday to watch the launch from NASA's YouTube channel, while also watching the stream from the space station.

You can watch everything live on NASA's YouTube channel. They already have their live stream up, ready to go live on Saturday.

I'm extremely excited for this launch Saturday. It's been a long time since American astronauts launched from American soil, on an American rocket.

Hopefully the weather cooperates and conditions are right, so we all get to watch history be made on Saturday at 2:22PM our time.

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