Being as involved with youth sports as I am, I felt this one to the core. Trying to come up with a team name when you create a team or start a new season with some kids can be difficult.

You want it to be catchy, but not too silly. It needs to be something the kids can attach themselves to and be proud of when they tell others what team they play on. And if you travel out of state with said team, you want to make sure you represent where you're from.

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Putting the city name you're from in front of a name is the easy way out, and a lot of them do just that. I'm guilty of it myself. Others want the entire team name to represent where they come from, and those are the hardest ones to come up with.

I saw a post on Reddit that had someone asking for help with naming their daughter's team. They ran through all the different things they could come up with and wanted to make sure they weren't missing anything.

Reddit screenshot
Reddit screenshot

As you can see, they also mentioned a couple of names NOT to give...even though they may be appropriate representations of the city at times.

A few people started responding with team names and I snagged a couple of the best ones I saw.


When the person who was commenting about the names they were throwing out there, I loved the Moonwalkers idea. Amarillo is home to a couple of NASA astronauts, and we even named our airport in honor of one of them. It seems like a very fitting name and something I've never seen before in all the years I've been around youth sports.

The Dusty City part perfectly describes what we deal with on a daily basis here, so the whole name comes together and screams Amarillo.


So I THINK I kind of understand using this. I'm imagining they're referring to the fact that we have so much open land and most of the time it's a golden brown color. I don't know how much I'm feeling the "spread" part, but I do believe golden needs to be a part of it.

What are your suggestions? Anything the OP and commenters are missing? I'm sure this will be on my brain all day trying to come up with more names, I love this stuff.

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